Thinking of Building a New Home? Hire an Expert!

One of the largest investments you will make is in your home. Making the wrong decisions can cost you money and years of regret. And this decision is one that you will wake up in every morning and go to sleep thinking about every night. When building a new home, there are some things you need to consider:

Hire. An. Expert. Here’s why…

-A real estate agent acts as an excellent proponent for their clients; helping them navigate potentially treacherous waters of construction loans, architecture, design, and knowing when it’s worth it to upgrade selections and when it’s probably not right for you (and your budget).

-Generally speaking, builder’s model homes are staffed by representatives (not licensed agents) that work directly for the builder.

-Real estate agents understand resale and can advise clients on what can increase (or decrease) the value of a home.

-A real estate agent will help you oversee the home inspection.

-A good real estate agent really gets to know you and your lifestyle. They will think of things you would have never thought of. After all, this is their specialty!

-They can help you with negotiations that could actually save you money in the end.

How to find the right agent for you?

Find a reputable real estate agency or real estate agent, see if they have any certification in new construction or what percentage of their business is new construction. If they only have one or two new builds a year they are probably not the agent. Of course you also want to make sure it is someone that you really connect with. You will be in this relationship for as long as it takes to find the right location, builder, the decisions made leading up to as well as during construction, which depending on the size of the home can take 6-12 months or more!

Oksana Tsarenko | Realty ONE Group, has helped numerous clients find the house of their dreams and has significant experience in working with new construction and helping them build their dream home.

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