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You should not purchase a home unless you feel comfortable that you can make the mortgage payments and be able to pay for other housing-related costs. These include upfront costs and ongoing costs.

Ongoing costs include your utilities, mortgage payment, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance and repair, homeowner association fees (if applicable), and other expenses. Mortgage insurance may also be required by the lender if you don’t have a big down payment.

Some additional housing costs to keep in mind when calculating moving expenses are furniture, appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or any repair work that may need to be done before you move in.

Upfront purchase costs include the down payment and costs related to closing and settling-in. You may qualify for assistance to cover some of your closing costs. Other programs may help you with your down payment or provide other assistance that will help you purchase a home. Click here to start your search for a homebuyer Program that fits you

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