Homes selling faster, too


The median list price for a home was $220,000 in March—11% higher than a year ago and 3% higher than in February. Houses are also moving more quickly, with the median number of days on the market dropping to 89—13% lower than a year ago. Inventory, however, is growing at just 2% month over month and is still down year over year. Of course, there’s fast and there’s fast. In these 20 markets, homes are selling at warp speed. We’ve ranked them according to the median number of days homes were spending on the market in March.

  • San Jose, CA (22 days)

  • San Francisco, CA (26)

  • Santa Rosa, CA (32)

  • Denver, CO (37)

  • Seattle, WA (37)

  • Boulder, CO (38)

  • Vallejo, CA (38)

  • Los Angeles, CA (41)

  • Minneapolis, MN (43)

  • San Diego, CA (43)

  • Santa Cruz, CA (43)

  • Fargo, ND (44)

  • Sioux Falls, SD (44)

  • Oxnard, CA (45)

  • Dallas, TX (46)

  • Portland, OR (46)

  • Austin, TX (48)

  • Greeley, CO (48)

  • Modesto, CA (48)

  • Sacramento, CA (48)

New to the list this month are Denver, Seattle, and Minneapolis, some more affordable and expanding cities, as well as (again) Austin.

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